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The new material will introduce you to the features of working with the site, real reviews about Avego (website: Copywriting exchange is a great opportunity to hone the skills of content preparation, text editing, translation, remotely earn money on an ongoing or temporary basis.

Currently, more than 3 million artists are collaborating with the platform, which indicates a high level of competition. I must say right away: frank slag will not pass, we must work on each text, taking into account all the requirements in the task, understand the topic, and implement specific recommendations.

What is Advego and how much can you earn?

Copywriting Exchange allows you to find an order, as well as improve the material that you prepare and check the text for compliance with SEO-requirements. A platform where people who need content find people who are ready to create it on certain conditions or have already prepared it and offered it for purchase. Considering the analogues on the market that the authors use, it is worth noting that Advego is one step ahead, since it has its own software for checking text, nausea, spam, and other parameters.

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Advego Services

Conveniently, there is software for checking spelling, determining the semantic core. But the anti-plagiarism checker service, especially in the latest version, is rather inert, and few copywriters use it. In comparison, Content Watch is rapidly gaining momentum due to an improved resource indexing algorithm. The ability to do work for certain TK or sell articles written for the future or for which, for various reasons, the customer did not pay, can also be done on the exchange. This service, like Advego, offers to earn money and posting for sale your own photos with a description or those that are an integral part of the material.

How to work with the Advego exchange

Advego website instructions

The exchange website is quite informative, but at the same time quite understandable. On the right side are collected forms of order selection, registration form, news. There is an upper “command” line with basic income generating capabilities. In the central - the main services of the site, custom texts, conditions for checking for anti-plagiarism.

Job Search

The exchange charges a 10% commission on placing an order. The contractor pays nothing. And on the exchange, which is described on, the conditions are exactly the opposite: the customer pays nothing, and the commission is charged to the authors.

Registration and registration of a profile

The registration process is quite familiar and will not cause difficulties: fill out the form, tie up an email account. In the profile you need to place contact details, a photo. By the way, its presence is sometimes a decisive argument - it’s convenient that you see with whom exactly you are working. If over time you want to delete your account, this function is also located in your account. In the history of all your work affecting the rating.

Advego Profile

Types of tasks on the site

The advego exchange, in addition to writing texts on definitely drawn up TORs from the customer and selling their own, allows you to earn income by completing the following tasks:

  • proofreading text;
  • development and customization of advertising campaigns;
  • writing slogans, naming;
  • content filling, including placement of materials, reviews;
  • decoding of audio and video recordings;
  • news articles and news;
  • Landing content
  • transfer.
The rather low price of an advertising campaign is surprising when in the market, on average, it is an order of magnitude higher.

And on you can even see current offers without registering, but not all of them have direct customer contacts for communication.

Quests Advego

How to find an order and take it to work

You can find orders in the tab "Work". I recommend initially taking on not very expensive options in order to "get your hand" and increase your rating among other artists. I’ll tell you how to work efficiently and choose exactly what suits you. Use the convenient search where you can specify the following aspects:

  1. price for the entire project or 1000 characters;
  2. TK length;
  3. execution time;
  4. kind of work;
  5. category;
  6. working language.

A convenient selection immediately discards those options that you are not interested in, and you do not waste time on them. Having selected the appropriate option, click on the “Take to work” button below, the order goes to your “Unfulfilled” list in your profile. When you have completed the task in a special form, click "Finish" to submit for verification.

Take an order

Basic tools for work

You can receive money both by preparing texts to order, and by selling ready-made ones. There are tasks to perform on the forums, in social networks. There is an option to generate income for translation or proofreading, selling your own photos. Choosing a specific tool, you fill out the order form, agree to all conditions. Reading the reviews, especially on the subject of whether this is a divorce or not, I was convinced: in most cases, no, but it is noted that sometimes unscrupulous performers and customers are found. In case of refusal to pay, immediately write to the support service, provide screenshots that prove your case and the account of the dishonest exchange participant is banned. I suggest finding out how much you can get on average by performing different tasks.

Average revenue for jobs on the exchange

The task Payment Feature
Preparation of news, informational articles from 50 rubles for 1000 characters
Landing Content from 500 rubles for all material
Decoding audio, video from 70 rubles in 1 minute of the source file
Advertising campaign from 1000 rubles for developing a strategy, preparing a series of materials
Comments, reviews from 5 rubles for 1 pc. with placement
Copywriting, rewriting from 50 rubles for 1000 characters
Transfer from 60 rubles for 1000 characters

How to sell your articles

To do this, you need to place your material in the profile through the “Article Store” tab. This is followed by a text check from the moderator, and only 3 attempts are made to eliminate errors, after which the account will be blocked for 7 days.

Selling Articles

On the exchange The conditions are a bit more loyal in this segment. Please note that the service reserves the right to ban an account at the customer’s complaint. for example, your profile is online work: you write texts on various topics and sell one of them to the customer. He paid money and the material left your profile, but then the client found that the material was low uniqueness or too many errors (which the editors missed during moderation). The customer has the right to complain about the contractor, and most often, it is precisely this role of the resource partners that the administration always meets. To sell an article, you must:

  1. Go to the "Article Store" and click on the new form.
  2. Write a title in a special form without duplicating it in the body of the text.
  3. Select a relevant category.
  4. Choose a couple of sentences for the "short text" that will be visible to the potential buyer.
  5. If there are citations in the text, highlight them with special markings.
  6. Choose your keywords.
  7. Set the price for 1000 characters, and the system will calculate for all the material.

Of course, online text verification with plagiatus is a prerequisite.

It is strictly forbidden to post the same material for sale on different sites. Advego administration blocks the user for that.

Despite the fact that the uniqueness check is not very effective, the advego seo service is much better and it is often used for work. It helps to get rid of verbal rubbish by aligning the number of words to the necessary indicators, reduce nausea, remove stop words - in general, make the text comfortable for the reader and search engines to read. And if on Advego all tasks are related to sites and texts, then on work zilla you can find artists for tasks in the real world.

Summary: Advego - a platform with extensive experience working with payment services such as Webmoney, Qiwi, bank cards, bank transfer, Yandex.Money, mobile payments, offers about 10 different types of tasks on which you can earn income, “get your hands on”, increase the rating and take over more complex and expensive projects over time.

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Boris (20.06.2020 to 10: 52)
Advego zadolbal his software software. It checks for uniqueness for everyone in 3 seconds, you wait for half an hour. The latest version is finally bullshit.
Dagdalas (26.04.2020 to 13: 08)
The article turned out to be good, but I'm not ready to leave 1 comment from pre-registration on different sites for 5 rubles.
Arilen (15.04.2020 to 09: 23)
It is bad that there was no function of direct communication, on the other hand, so the exchange protects itself from the loss of customers, from its commission and other things. Well, the chat room would not hurt.
Vokazahn (09.04.2020 to 00: 08)
To recover an account after an undeserved ban (one moose complained that after a month and a half found 2 typos in my text), I spent a lot of time, and even that - without success. As a result, he moved to a new site.
morozoff76 (01.04.2020 to 10: 45)
Here you can earn not only by writing, but also otherwise, for example by selling ready-made material. Many started with Advego whom I know ...
Bradar (29.03.2020 to 16: 20)
There are many reviews that the customer is right, even if he really does not understand the essence and subtleties.
Stonescar (12.03.2020 to 22: 21)
Once I came across an article on a blog about how to make money remotely and there was a little about Advego. Since then I regularly hang out there: it’s convenient that if you have time and the opportunity to make money, you earn, but no, you owe nothing to anyone.
Modilace (16.02.2020 to 21: 11) - with a huge plus: tasks on it, as well as on the text ru are updated at 150 pieces per minute, there is plenty to choose from.
Runbringer (16.02.2020 to 00: 16)
The exchange as a stock exchange is no better and no worse than the rest that are mentioned in the material.
brightmane (01.02.2020 to 10: 48)
Well, working for 50 rubles for 1000 characters is ridiculous. Although now it’s such a time that there are more copies than sites, reviews about each other are not flattering, but 50 rubles for 1k is a ridiculous price, except for a student.
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