Profitable business ideas in 2020 year - what is a startup, how to make money on StartUp?

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Business idea

Business ideas are not a new concept, we all heard such a formulation, but startups (StartUp) for the majority, if they are familiar, are beyond understanding. In fact, startups have always been and it is difficult to even name the first startup in the history of mankind - this phenomenon is so deeply rooted in the depths of human life-being.

But the word “StartUp” itself can be considered to have arisen quite recently, but the essence of the new formulation of the old, as the world of the phenomenon, has not changed in any way. In this article we will talk about what kind of such a thing is called a startup, how to organize it and how to make a profit.

Ideas for business

No business can be opened without a preliminary concept - a business idea. And this does not necessarily have to be something brilliant and beyond the human mind - sometimes even very primitive ideas, with due diligence, shoot with incredible success and bring their creators fabulous amounts of income.

Anything that can be interesting to customers can be sold, all services that are in demand can be profitable - you only need to properly implement them and present them beautifully.

Profitable business ideas at 2018 Youtube

Ideas for business do not have to be unique - you can be inspired by someone’s example, but you can’t just copy someone else’s business, but only draw inspiration.

As a rule, there is no need to go far for searching business ideas. We all are able to do something, possess some knowledge and property - look around and you will find that specific environment in which you are well-versed and can develop on its basis a way to extract money. The ideas of a small business will be easy to work out and implement, and it will not require big expenses.

Types of business

There is a huge number of types of business and it is simply impossible to list them all. Every day there are new needs and with the development of demand, new areas of business are becoming more active. For example, 50 years ago, no one knew what the Internet and PC are, and today millions of people are building their business and making huge money on creating programs, software, even video and virtual relationships.

The most common and profitable types of business can be divided into the following categories:

  • Sales and sales of goods;
  • Provision of services;
  • Education.

Internet business can be distinguished as a separate category, since it has its own specific features.

Services (online)

Any idea for a business will be profitable if it is interesting to you yourself, and its development and implementation is carried out not under the lash, but of your own accord and with great pleasure. After all, it is much more pleasant to receive money for what you do from the heart than forcing yourself to dislike activities. So if you know how to do something that is close to your heart, why not turn it into a business?

Online services

Even if you work as a plumber and do it well, then you can arrange an online consultation and spend a couple of hours a day working. Or even on your own personal experience you can write a book and earn money on its sales. There are many ways to achieve financial independence - just find your own.

Trade (online)

Internet space is closely intertwined in our daily life and today, online shopping is not a novelty for anyone, whereas earlier it was impossible for anyone to buy while lying on the sofa. The popularity of online commerce has increased so much that today many online stores bring more profit than the real ones, because they are able to reach a large audience of customers in various cities and countries. If you want to succeed in commerce, you can open your own online store: all you need to do is create a website, find suppliers and start promotion.

Questions on business ideas

Having decided to start your own business, you will most likely be confused, not knowing where to start and how to better show yourself. Well, if you had a business idea before, before you desired to get rich. But if on the contrary, you decided to make money, but you do not know what, then there may be some difficulties with the choice of the field of activity. You should not go into despair - absolutely every person can realize himself in business, the main thing is to find his own way and go towards the goal without turning anywhere.

Questions of business ideas

What kind of business to do?

Thinking about how to make money on a business idea, you should not try to stick your nose in an unknown industry just because there is a lot of money spinning around. Do not forget that you should do better than others what you are going to establish your business on. Even if you work as a taxi driver or a controller in a trolley bus, this does not mean that you cannot make money from the fact that you know how. Look around, think about how you can realize your existing knowledge and skills, look at things more globally, and you will definitely find what you can earn.

What kind of online business can you create?

The World Wide Web is such a diverse environment that absolutely any idea, product or service in it can be turned into a way of earning. Here a motley public lives, day and night, which is a priori your consumers and buyers - all you need to do is find what interests them and make you open your wallet.

Most often in the network are organized:

  • Online stores - you can sell goods directly from a supplier or do dropshipping at the initial stage of your development as a businessman. As a rule, it does not need big money as a seed capital.
  • Services - if you can provide any services necessary for the population, you can open your service. And it doesn't matter what you offer - training, psychological help or plumbing advice - it is important that this is in demand.
  • The implementation of information and earnings on advertising - create a blog, YouTube channel, popular group in social networks and you will be happy.
  • Investments - if you have enough money, then the franchise will be an ideal investment in a business. (But others allow to earn Internet investments, for example, HYIP).

Startup what is it?

In the network you can find many definitions of the concept of "startup" and the history of its occurrence. There are many versions, supposedly the term entered by students of one of the prestigious universities, American entrepreneurs and a bunch of unknown history comrades. Do not believe such stories - their creators blatantly lie.

In fact, for the first time, the very concept of “StartUp” was used in the world-famous, authoritative Forbes business publication in the distant 1976 year. The article was about companies with rapid development and quick profit. Later, the term was rejected by all who felt like it, attributed its authorship to themselves, reinterpreted the essence, but the designation remained the same.

What is a startup?

A startup is a commercial project based on an original, previously unused business idea. The purpose of creating such a project is to make a profit and develop it into a full-fledged business.

Many researchers of the phenomenon note that a startup is a temporary period of the company's existence, while it offers unique products or services at the initial stage. It goes without saying that to be a startup throughout its entire existence, the project cannot by definition - just the company, in the process of development, will enter a new stage and will no longer be a novice, but a business shark.

Startup spheres

The word startup is not typical for common use, but if used, then with the wrong meaning. Many people believe that a startup is any business that is at the initial stage of its existence; some part of the population applies it only to Internet projects. This is not entirely correct, since the startup must carry something innovative and unique, and with that, in the future, the prospect of growth and development. As you understand, a stall with pies is not a start-up, and even if it is developed into a network of stalls with cakes, it will not be a start-up.

But the inclusion of startups to the online environment is not even accidental. By itself, this area of ​​business is relatively innovative and many projects that appear on the Internet are most often unique and inimitable. There is no need to go far for examples - at one time startups were Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Flickr, Wikipedia, Google, Microsoft.

There are a lot of such bright examples with big names, and all of them brought billionaire states to their creators with minimal investment. At the same time, many new startups appear online every day (do not confuse startups with networks and network marketing - it's not about that). The main thing is to find something that will be unusual and interesting to the consumer, and developing a good idea into a profitable business is a matter of time.

Startup spheres

In addition to providing services, you can conquer the sphere of trade in the network - an online store can also be a start-up. From the usual online shopping project it should be distinguished by a non-standard approach to the implementation or the uniqueness of the product. Of course, the creator of such an enterprise is at great risk, because the more original the idea, the more difficult it is to implement and convey to the consumer, and very unusual options may be perceived by customers as hostile, and then the startup will crash. Often, trade startups on the network are launched by people who produce something themselves: clothes, furnishings and household items, jewelry, and most often this is hand maid.


As a rule, the founders of startups are creative individuals, people inspired by ideas and ready for any exploits. At the same time, most often, start-ups do not have the necessary capital to implement their plans, and their projects either remain unfulfilled, or find support among investors and become a profitable source of income.


The story knows many startups, students who have become owners of multi-million corporations, and their business ideas have become a real innovative breakthrough, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern world. Therefore, if you have an original idea, it doesn’t matter at all whether you have money to implement this business or not (getting initial capital will help mutual aid fund).

How to create your startup?

At the heart of any startup is a good innovative idea, which in our time is worth its weight in gold. If it has already arisen in your head, you can consider that half of the work has already been done. After the final formulation of the startup idea, it is necessary to work out a plan for its implementation, because without proper cutting and adaptation to market conditions, not all ideas will be of interest to consumers.

It is important that you are inspired by your idea and completely surrendered to the cause, because starting from scratch is something unimaginably new - hard work and it is important that you do not go halfway through your fuse. This can help the team - gather like-minded people (you can even form your MLM structure) and work hard to create a startup group that will help you reach your goal faster and more productively. And of course, money is needed to implement any startup.

Creating a hangman

Investing in start-ups

Most often, to start a startup does not necessarily have any initial capital. It is enough to develop a concept, work out your unusual idea, and if your idea is really mega-interesting and super-profitable, then investors ready to help you financially will line up and throw money at you, wanting to make investments in a future startup.

Today, startups are very popular - the implementation of hundreds of thousands of successful ideas brought billions to their creators and made unknown people celebrities and business gurus. On the crest of this demand startups, many investment companies want to get rich, taking part in creating a unique and promising business. At the same time, you can even find an investor on the Internet.

Startups with minimal investment

Throw out of your mind the thought that you must have good capital to establish a business. Far from it, business from scratch is quite a phenomenon. There are plenty of examples when a startup was opened without any investment from the creator. If your budget is limited, then you need to find the least expensive idea for a startup or get sponsors to help you start your own business. Investors will simply transfer their money to you in trust and will wait for a good profit.

Minimum investment

If there is not a penny for the soul - this is no reason to continue to live in poverty! If you have a desire to start your own business, and your head is boiling with an influx of ideas, then even the lack of money will not stop you on the way to the goal.

Startup Ideas

Another common belief is that many find their business ideas too simple to be profitable. Believe me, the scope of startups is so diverse that not only technological innovations, unique cars or ingenious inventions can bring you profit. Develop an unusual recipe, a non-standard community in social networks, conduct webinars and teach via Skype - it is materially available for almost everyone. Ideas for businesses with minimal investment may in the future be implemented in large corporations with multimillion-dollar incomes - the main thing is to have the desire to develop them and go ahead.

Startup Exchange

Startups that require minimal investment are also of interest to investors. Each of them wants to see a good and profitable idea at the start, sponsor it and make money on it. At the same time, in order to find business ideas from scratch and it is profitable to invest in them, there is no need to attend any meetings and meetings of businessmen - today there are a large number of start-up exchanges that act as intermediaries between investors and startups. We offer a rating of the most popular and popular services.

Popular startup startup exchanges:

Site Description Traffic traffic
Kickstarter Foreign platform for collecting donations and launching your startup 46.2 M
Planet Popular Russian crowdfunding platform 836.5 K
Boomstarter Platform to attract funding to your project 497.2 K

Stages of StarUp Project Development

Any project, regardless of whether it is a start-up or not, goes through certain stages of evolution and its formation. At the same time, it is possible to determine those points that are mandatory in the life of any business, because you cannot start an idea and only after that work it out. As they say, everything has its time and place - the development of start-ups is no exception. Below we offer you the obligatory stages of the emergence of a start-up, without which its full existence and development into a large business is simply impossible.


The start-up period from the birth of the idea to the release of the finished product. At this stage, startups work out not only the idea, but also study the market, define the concept of the future product implementation, promotion and financing methods.


Creating sketches, prototypes, future product projects. At this stage, versions of the product without testing, beta versions, versions with closed and open testing are created. It helps to improve the product before it enters the market.

Launch ideas

If the previous stages have been successfully completed, then the start-up product is ready for its production and, in fact, the process of implementing the final idea in the finished product begins.


A startup enters the market, goods begin to be sold, the company occupies its niche and gets the first fame. After the initial business plan is implemented, the startup begins to expand, develop new niches and markets, grows through the purchase and merger with other enterprises (if this corresponds to its concept).

Business ideas may arise from each of us, only someone successfully implements them, and someone continues to believe that he cannot bring them to life. Discard the stupid prejudices that you can not start a startup without a budget, and boldly go to meet material well-being, because the potential lies in each of us, only the fears and insecurities are the only stumbling blocks on the road to dreams. Feel free to think over your ideas and strategies, look for ways to implement and organize your business!

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Vyacheslav (01.12.2018 to 23: 20)
There is a business plan and a presentation too; you need only money, not a lot of 10 000 000 rub
Kriss (28.06.2018 to 14: 01)
When the 5-7 years ago, start-up fairs started, everyone laughed at the fact that rich investors, cool uncles looking for themselves do not understand who. Many of those who got grants at the start and financial support from them for their start-ups are thriving today. 4 times took part in such fairs, and all 4 times my project received sponsorship. One of the directions is a health tracking application, 4 a year ago it was a hit. Now it was difficult to think up ideas, because many people understood the salt of a cool startup and increase competition. But in fact, the most valuable ideas always lie on the surface.
Dima (25.06.2018 to 19: 14)
Those startups and people who are involved in them, who know how to think atypically and diverse, in parallel in different directions will win. For example, you are a teacher of the Russian language, and you came up with a program that helps you remember the rule about writing LMI with the letter I. Of course, the directions are similar in topic, but it shoots what you are good at and can help the world.
Danil (17.06.2018 to 10: 45)
If you evaluate the strat-ups from the consumer, what do you like? Here I am personally. So that everything is simplified and transparent: I want the type of coffee - 30 seconds, 30 rubles in terms of the cost of spent grains, water and electrics, and here's a drink for you. I am convinced that IT technologies and startups are needed, but the simplification of everyday tasks is in the foreground.
Mark (14.06.2018 to 14: 36)
I always thought that the very implementation of a new business idea was difficult, hemorrhoid and even exhausting, but no, it turned out that it was not the implementation, but the process of inventing such an idea, when the market is already full of new products that nobody needs, and you have to invent and offer an alternative in quality and price, and of super originality.
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