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Review and reviews of - 10 tariffs from a company with a solid working life, a start of $ 10 and a daily income of 1,5%

An interesting replenishment of investment projects on the blog from an experienced administrator, who very often showed us not just work, but work "fire". The term of operation of this company in 708 days looks very solid, an equal score, as well as the financial indicators of development. There were a lot of thoughts around the platform - whether it is an administrator or not, but the insider was not long in coming.

I would like to note that advertising is purchased smoothly, technical preparation is done at a high level - and this is good news. A broad marketing has been developed that includes the interests of both the wealthy and investors with a modest portfolio. At the beginning of April, over 53 thousand investors cooperated with the site, and this figure is regularly growing.

Author: Ganesa

Akita Inu cryptocurrency: a memcoin with a "doggy" context and significant prospects

Today I will acquaint you with the token, which does not have a separate team, which is considered customary for this kind of projects, and is at the head of the project. Akita Inu cryptocurrency is associated with a joke, but its success on exchanges shows that even funny things can be profitable. Akita belongs to the family of memcoins, which are associated with Elon Musk and directly the first such manifestation - dogecoin.

What is the peculiarity of non-standard assets and what blockchain is used in work - you will find out inside the material. And in the beginning, about an interesting thing - half of all the coins were simply donated to Vitalik Buterin, and his further action immediately collapsed the market.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 17.05.2021

Namaste, friends, partners and readers! Today I offer you another review of projects that are on the market, but for very good reasons, have not yet made it to the blog. I'll start with the lyrics: I sat down to write a review, which I traditionally publish on Monday, and for a couple of minutes I can't find the correct words to describe the situation on the market. He's sluggish, boring, passive - and that's not much that comes to mind. Perhaps, in the comments, also write, with what state do you associate the current trend?

I have prepared short reviews of 3 platforms for you, and it is up to you to choose personally - take a closer look, study and think about where to invest your funds. I must say right away that the initial minimum for investments is quite loyal, and all projects cooperate with different payment services, which is very convenient in the online direction.

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Blog report for the period May 3-16: BTC will fall, ETH is growing, and the Internet in Russia is again "in doubt"

Namaste, partners! May has come: some trees have faded, others are just beginning or are completely frozen. This spring is in many ways different from the other, and this is why it is beautiful. Today I present to you a report for 2 weeks, which were in many ways interesting: Ethereum updated the historical price record by stepping over the $ 3000 mark, BTC fell by 2% in less than 16 hours amid Elon Musk's statement that Tesla would not sell electric cars for bitcoin.

Projects on the market are already in a constant state of hibernation: there is nothing interesting, and there is no particular choice. Those on the blog are developing, improving and I will also pay attention to this aspect in the material. Already according to the tradition that has developed over the years, at the beginning of the classic report, I speak about 10 important events during this period, and I will immediately say that the openness of the Internet in Russia is questionable because of the tragic events in Kazan.

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What is a token sale, how is it carried out and what gives an investor?

Trading, mining, airdropping, and now also a token sale are the main ways to get tokens into your asset. The latter implies a purchase, so for those who expect to receive funds for free, it is not suitable. Unlike mining, there is no need to wait until the required block is mined, because everything is already available. But trading the purchased coins immediately after their purchase will not work.

The topic is interesting and it is worthwhile to understand it in more detail: what does the process give to the investor, the exchange, the organizers of the crypto community and how much money can be made from it - I will talk with my readers further. And I will definitely tell you what is the difference between the key stages of the pre-sale.

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Trust Wallet - a review of a crypto wallet with a passive earnings function and feedback on its work

I continue the series of materials on digital assets, and today the review will help you deal with the free crypto wallet Trust Wallet, which positions itself as the best crypto wallet for working with Ethereum and other altcoins. It was created in 2017 and has an "official registration" in San Francisco, although its developers and ideological inspirers from Russia are Viktor Radchenko and Maxim Rasputin.

In addition to many familiar functions for work, the developers have introduced the ability to "request payments". The system generates a link that can be changed depending on the type of coin and the amount, and then sent in instant messengers or through social networks.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 10.05.2021

Namaste, partners! I continue to fill in the “Outside the blog” column, and by tradition, which neither me nor my partners like, I must say that a miracle has not happened, and there are not many projects on the market that can interest me both in marketing and in the level of training. At the same time, there are platforms that appear and immediately become a scam.

Qualitatively and quantitatively, the market is in a sad state, and it would be time to "wake up" - spring has come, and the vacation season, for which you need to accumulate a budget, is just around the corner. Today I offer short, but at the same time very interesting and informative reviews of 2 investment projects, which have a number of positive, but at the same time a number of negative sides. I will describe each of them below.

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What is a cryptocurrency for: in simple words, how to make a digital asset make a profit

For more than six months, the cryptocurrency market has shown only growth at the end of 7 months, which indicates that the protracted crypto winter has passed, which means that spring has come - and it is in full swing. Today, even those who, back in 2013-2015, did not want to hear anything about tokens and those who spoke about their illiquidity, are increasingly looking at such a tool and want to make good profits on it.

And if 10 years ago the answer to the question: “Why do we need bitcoin cryptocurrency” was “to buy pizza” or “like a new blockchain technology”, today it is both an investment tool, a means of payment, and even a full-fledged part of the budgets of some countries, as well as the basis for new coins.

Author: Ganesa review and reviews - 3 tariffs with an income of 0,8% per day from a crypto loan exchange with 5 years of experience

Replenishment on the blog from a working administrator with an excellent reputation coincided precisely with the height of the May holidays. The project specializes in 3 main areas: a crypto loan exchange, loans to small businesses and the opening of new markets for large investors.

The site officially launched on April 25 and shows a smooth, but quite confident growth. The main slogan of the project: "Lenders are one click away from borrowers" and this is confirmed in the presented activities.

Author: Ganesa

Cold wallets for cryptocurrency - review and rating of the best

Working with cryptocurrency on an exchange, or as a miner, or as an investor in online projects, as well as in pools for the extraction of a particular coin, an acute question arises - where to store money. Quite a large number of customers choose a cold bitcoin wallet or for tokens based on the ERC-20 standard, which has a number of advantages over other wallets.

This article will introduce you in detail to cold wallets and in it you will find an answer to why they are called that. Despite the fact that the world's popular manufacturers declare perfect security, you should still be prudent and protect yourself as much as possible with strong passwords, update the software and the anti-virus database on devices. And then about why the "temperature principle" is used in the crypto community.

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