Author: Ganesa review and reviews - starting profit of 0,25% per day with a minimum deposit of $ 50 from a global crypto company

I am adding to the blog a platform that specializes in working with cryptocurrency, but at the same time a lot of emphasis is placed on safe and renewable energy sources - water and wind power, but these are not all of its areas. The company has been in the online field for a long time and has managed to positively recommend itself among depositors.

I note that it implies a high threshold for entry and exit, but at the same time, this approach allows you to keep the total cash register, pay income stably and expand the list of clients. The low-income operator is interestingly executed: both in the segment of the legend, as well as in the marketing segment.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 25.10.2021

Namaste, partners! If it were not for my responsibility and adherence to principles in the regular filling of the blog, then this week I would not have written anything, but the rules are rules, so I’ll still suggest not so much a project, but how much to pay attention to it, maybe something will appeal to me.

In general, as you understand from my mood, it is stated in the first lines of the material that the market is sad, passive and extremely boring. There is not only no choice, it is completely absent, and there are very few platforms that are good in terms of technology, marketing and insider information.

Author: Ganesa

Blog report for the period October 18-24: increase in the key rate in the Russian Federation and crypto records

Namaste, partners! So, one more week, and we will get acquainted with November, which, as a rule, is considered one of the most recent financially active months of each year. This seven-day period will be remembered for two records at once: BTC rose above 2 thousand dollars, and ETH crossed the mark of 67 dollars.

We can all expect (sooner or later) a shortage of fiat dollars. This becomes more evident as a result of the statement of the Head of the Federal Reserve, Jarod Powell, in plain text said that there is a need to curtail the printing of new dollars, but at the same time he promised not to raise the rate.

Author: Ganesa

Verification on Binance: recommendations for passing and the benefits of obtaining this status

The Binance exchange is a trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies, which in total has the largest trading volume per day, especially in the segment of coins from the TOP-10 in terms of capitalization. Since its founding in 2017, it has managed to launch its own BNB token, as well as attract many customers with the speed and safety of operations, as well as low transaction fees.

Despite the good technical support, the Binance exchange sometimes shows a slow pace of work, or failures, while there was no information about the theft of funds or freezing them on personal accounts. Technical problems that sometimes arise are resolved rather quickly. It is indicative that the administration of the platform offers to go through verification in order to have access to wide functionality.

Author: Ganesa

The richest animals in the world are cats and dogs with millions of fortunes

The life of these smaller brothers is in many ways similar not just to a fairy tale, but to a combination of SPA, luxury, a menu from a Michelin-starred restaurant - this is exactly what you can say about the conditions of their maintenance, if you translate the conversation into a human mainstream. Today I will show you animals whose condition is worthy of being noticed by the editors of Forbes.

It cannot be said that cats or dogs earned their millions in the accounts by their labor or even pedigree. They were simply lucky to be in the hands and in the house of their wealthy owners, to live with them for far from a single year and become real and loyal companions in order to write the nickname in the will.

Author: Ganesa

The richest children in the world: "mink diapers" or independent hard work?

I continue to fill the "Thoughts" column, and reading your comments under the previous material, I decided why not tell who these are the richest children in the world, where they got such a fortune (or inheritance) from and what needs to be done so that it really goes to them in hands? They say about such babies “grew up in mink diapers”, “since childhood he did not let a silver spoon out of his mouth”, and sometimes even “has 7 spans in his forehead” and “the darling of fate”.

It is significant that not all of the children on the list are heirs of royal blood, some are children of businessmen who managed to build a career, earn capital and pass it on to their heirs. And certain parents even attract sons and daughters to interns at corporations, adopting the experience from the inside. It is interesting to know who she is this "rising golden youth?"

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 18.10.2021

Namaste, partners! Sad-sad autumn - something like this, without the poetic form and high phrases characteristic of poets, you can describe this period on the investment field. Unfortunately, miracles do not happen, even in the 95th anniversary edition of the rubric, and therefore I cannot please you with an abundance of projects, especially those that are well executed from different aspects.

Nevertheless, after monitoring the market, I have selected 2 sites for you, which in some aspects may potentially interest my partners, and have formed a positive reputation in their work. But these platforms can be interesting, first of all, due to an acceptable start, and a completely adequate amount of daily profit.

Author: Ganesa

Blog report for the period October 11-17: BTC at the moment $ 61 thousand, and the Russian Federation is the third country in terms of mining volume

Namaste, partners! The week was quite interesting and active in many financial innovations that took place in different countries of the world and sectors of the economy. The crypto direction was especially developing, and in the Russian Federation, from the side of the law, a loyal mood towards traders was noticed.

BTC this week rose above 62 thousand dollars per coin, although at the beginning it was slightly above 50 thousand. President Biden signed a decree on a temporary increase in the US government debt limit, and against this background, many “exhaled”, letting go of the situation. Now the issue of default is closed exactly until December of this year.

Author: Ganesa

Review and reviews of - an economic game with more than 20 tariffs, a minimum start of 500 rubles and an income of 120% in 30 days

I present to your attention a novelty on the investment market - an economic game with the withdrawal of real money. I emphasize right away that a huge thoughtful marketing is intended for both very careful and generous investors who are ready to invest large sums. The game itself, its design and plot are made at a rather high level and well thought out.

For a long time there have been no projects with such a direction of work and very solid preparation, and judging by the information, this is the second season of the game, which has received interesting improvements in comparison with the first version.

Author: Ganesa

The richest woman in the world - billionaires with a huge "dowry"

We continue the rubric about the richest, and today, even though the calendar is far from March 8, I will talk to you about women who know exactly how much money they have in their wallet, card and bank accounts. Despite the fact that the richest man in the world is Bezos, Musk or Zuckerberg (they periodically change places in the overall ranking), the ladies have not gone far in the size of their fortune and business acumen.

I offer a short portrait of a lady, and a description of the tools with which they were able to make a huge fortune. Some of them were born into a family where there was already a successful business, someone married a promising entrepreneur, and someone, even having a solid start, made a lot of efforts on their own to make the company prosper.

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