Author: Ganesa is a blockchain ecosystem with different revenue streams and ambitious plans for the future

I present to you a very interesting novelty that does not look like an ordinary investment project, but is presented in the form of a full-fledged community with many tools for obtaining funds. The slogan of the project, announced on the official website of the platform, sounds like “One Joker - One World”. According to him, the emphasis is placed on the fact that the world is changing, developing and new tools for making a profit appear, in particular, mining of coins and decentralized banking operations.

The team set itself ambitious goals - to create an ideal blockchain world with the ability to receive money in different ways. In fact, the project is just at the very start, I would even say pre-start, so I offer its full and detailed overview.

Author: Ganesa

DeFi Antares Token review and feedback - 3 investment offers from a company with an innovative token and a minimum income per day of 0,5%

I offer an interesting investment product from ANTARES TRADE. In fact, ANTARES is a marketplace with an organized platform where there are goods and services from trusted companies. DeFi Antares Token was launched on December 22 last year, and during this time it has become very popular and in demand. In its form, it is a token with a protected asset, which gives income during periods of market volatility.

A distinctive feature of the product is the price in the range of up to $ 1, for which automatic market-making algorithms are responsible. A total of 10 million tokens were issued, 1 million of which will be used to provide liquidity in the Uniswap pool. Most of the 9 million is used to meet the demand from new customers and maintain the token price at $ 1. Tokens are bought directly on Uniswap and then sent to the selected investment proposal.

Author: Ganesa

A week at sea with Ganesa (Travel to warm countries) - COMPETITION

Namaste, partners! Here is what you have asked me for so long - I announce a new competition "Week at sea with Ganesa". The competition will be held in 3 stages and the start of each stage will be announced specially a couple of days before the start.

So, the name itself suggests that the competition will be related to recreation, and the winner will receive an excellent prize. But first things first. I must say right away that the trip should be planned for 2021, since this year, unfortunately, the maximum we can go to is a summer house or a park in the city. I hope that next year all borders will be opened, and it will be possible to plan trips to anywhere in the world.

Author: Ganesa

Overview of RBC Investments - an information and practical portal for investing funds

Many readers of my blog are familiar with the name "RBK". RosBusinessConsulting is a group of companies that was founded in 1993 and passed a successful IPO procedure. At the moment, the structure of the holding involves several main areas: "B2B Information" and "B2B Infrastructure", "Inspiration from RBC" and "Secondary Projects". The latter include media projects, including a channel, magazines, awards and a special edition for investors, as well as a portal for their work. I'll introduce you to him today.

It is convenient when an investor, trader, professional investor can learn important news on one resource, and partially undergo training, and form for themselves the general mood of the financial market. By itself, the site, according to data for the last year, has a fairly high citation rate among other resources, ranking second in the Runet, and in social networks its result was fixed on the 5th position. What is the peculiarity of working with the service and what are the benefits for the investor?

Author: Ganesa review and reviews - 4 tariff plans starting from $ 25 and a minimum daily income of 5%

For a long time there have been no projects on the blog that are very interesting, well prepared and get on it after appearing in the "Outside the blog" section. I am introducing you to the site, which has a very profitable, thought out to the smallest detail, and most importantly, an actual direction of work.

The investment company was launched on December 12, 2018, and the plan change and website redesign took place on September 20, 2019. As you can see, it is difficult to overestimate the term of work, and hence the successful strategy of the manager. Currently, over 18 thousand clients who have invested more than $ 38 million and managed to receive passive income in the amount of almost $ 9,9 million. The results are very impressive.

Author: Ganesa

The most expensive video card in 2021 in the world: how much it costs and the rating of top video cards

It was not by chance that I decided to publish such a rating, since I myself was faced with the situation of searching for a video card, and, as it turned out, it was very difficult to find a suitable one for a new working computer. Moreover, even if there were devices available in stores, their price was 10-15% higher than the market average, and half more than 3 months ago.

What is the reason for this situation and what is the way out of it? I am sure: every blog reader will be interested in learning how to choose a gaming video card or a card for mining, and how to find the ideal option from manufacturers. There are also tips for saving during the purchase period.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 01.03.2021

Namaste, partners! We are starting the calendar spring with a new release of short, but very informative reviews of projects that have appeared on the market during this time, but due to various circumstances have not yet got to my blog. Today, 2 sites have replenished the rubric, and it is clear that each of it has something that attracts attention and at the same time that does not cause sympathy.

All projects look very standard, familiar to the market and investors. The survey presents low-income people, but perhaps spring 2021 is their time? Read, analyze and choose on your own: are the sites suitable for you personally and what exactly.

Author: Ganesa

Blog report for the period 22-28 February: Apple has a positive record, and China has “overcome” poverty

Namaste, partners! Tomorrow is calendar spring, and how beautiful, it is symbolic that together with Sunday, not only the working week, month, but also the season ends. BTC logically went down, and its value was fixed, then again went down to the level of 47 thousand dollars per coin, and on the last day of the week it dropped to 45 thousand dollars. The market for online projects just froze, the impression is that he has forgotten: spring is on the calendar, which means it's time to wake up after hibernation and work actively

And while Google Pay says that MIR cards will be connected to the service, Russians were told that it is not worth expecting interest rates on deposits in excess of 4,25-4,75% per year. And these are not all events that surprise even biased skeptics. They are also collected in the next section.

Author: Ganesa

Review of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance (Binance) - a crypto exchange that managed to conquer the TOP

I present to you a complete and interesting overview of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange (Binance), which is one of the most popular among Russian traders with different work experience. Among the advantages are not only loyal commissions and an intuitive interface, but also various trading solutions that generate income, as well as the possibility of cloud mining.

Before introducing you in more detail to the site, I emphasize: it could become one of the licensed trading platforms in Japan, but the founding team did not find a common language with the authorities, so they had to stay in Hong Kong for now. For a couple of years, there have been talks about the possibility of opening a cryptocurrency exchange site in Singapore, but so far this has not happened. What else is interesting about the history of the exchange?

Author: Ganesa

Prospects for the development of cryptocurrencies and will there be massive price records in 2021?

Experts and financial analysts do not stop talking about the fact that the growth in the value of MTC and altcoins is directly related to pure speculation, but at the same time they recommend that investors still look closely at the coins, promising a rate of 5% to 30% depending on the position. The green trend in the market is largely marked by a pandemic, quarantine restrictions and the difficult financial situation of national economies.

Alternatively, investors, including whales, choose digital decentralized assets. At the same time, I will immediately dispel illusions: if you enter the market with 1000 dollars and think that in a month you will get another thousand, then it is better to first buy coins for 500 dollars, and then, taking into account the current mood, accumulate standing assets with other offers, because the market and its development prospects allow it to be done.

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