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GQ Blog Updates: Major Improvements for Readers and Partners

Namaste, friends! It's time to update, improve, and the blog is developing rapidly, and I never get tired of making it more comfortable and convenient for you to work with. I am constantly thinking about how to improve the technical part, design and content, expand the headings, make them interesting, and judging by the comments from you and messages in a personal, I am fully successful in this.

It is from this article that you can find out what chips and "updates" have appeared and how convenient it is to work with them. Without wasting time, I begin to share with those improvements that are already noticeable for each of you. The material will be supplemented, and you can monitor improvements at any time.

Author: Ganesa

A week at sea with Ganesa (Travel to warm countries) - COMPETITION

Namaste, partners! Here is what you have asked me for so long - I announce a new competition "Week at sea with Ganesa". The competition will be held in 3 stages and the start of each stage will be announced specially a couple of days before the start.

So, the name itself suggests that the competition will be related to recreation, and the winner will receive an excellent prize. But first things first. I must say right away that the trip should be planned for 2021, since this year, unfortunately, the maximum we can go to is a summer house or a park in the city. I hope that next year all borders will be opened, and it will be possible to plan trips to anywhere in the world.

Author: Ganesa review and reviews - 3 tariffs with a minimum profit of 0,4% daily from a company with a long term in the market

A project that is successful, pays and attracts positive customer reviews - all this is about, which managed to prove itself well in the market and justify the slogan "safe investment".

Earning income is very simple - and for this you need to go through only 4 steps: register, choose a tariff plan, deposit funds and enjoy stable profit payments. The project has been on the blog for a long time, and since it works great, I decide to introduce an insurance fund for depositors.

Author: Ganesa

What is Moscow Exchange (MOEX), what instruments can be used and different opportunities for traders

The answer to the question "What is the Moscow Exchange (MOEX)" will be given immediately and with a certain amount of pathos, although it is well deserved - this is the largest exchange holding in our country. The exchange organizes trading in stocks, currencies, derivatives and bonds. At the same time, sugar, grain, precious metals and money market instruments can also be bought and sold on it.

Today, if the shares of a Russian company are listed on this floor, this fact indicates a good preparation and stability of the JSC. In addition to the fact that you can trade, there is a training program for investors, as well as the "Best Trader" competition with more than 20 nominations. In general, everything speaks of stable and promising work.

Author: Ganesa - 3 tariffs with adequate profitability from a real mining farm and a bonus for registration

Whenever projects have been on the blog for a long time, are actively working and generate income for me and each partner, I make an updated review of them.

Today, has entered the field of analysis, which is developing, loyal and open to contributors - constant improvements in the technical part and publication of weekly reports. Clients are attracted by a large selection of cryptocurrencies that can be mined remotely, interesting tariffs and transparent, reliable terms of cooperation.

Author: Ganesa

What is loan refinancing and what is the interest on the service on the market?

Refinancing a loan - obtaining a loan from a financial institution, for example, a bank, on more favorable terms to cover the previous debt. Not only are all the pillars at bus stops in many cities pasted over with such ads, but some sites are actively full of such banner ads.

Refinancing does not relieve the borrower of the obligation to repay the previous loan, this financial instrument offers its repayment on more favorable terms, although it is worth remembering that favorable conditions are always more favorable, specifically for a bank or MFO, and not for an individual. If there is no other option for receiving funds, inquire about the details of the process.

Author: Ganesa review and reviews - 3 tariffs from a partisan and a minimum profit of 0,8% per day

I am adding an overview of the partisan, which, according to the information on the official website posted on the main page, offers clients to achieve financial freedom, even though they are not experts in this area.

The head clarifies that the program works on the basis of providing long-term loans with high returns, and the company employs specialists in the Forex market, investing in many funds in order to achieve maximum diversification and stable income. The resulting profits are used to improve the platform's performance and development in the long term.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 23.11.2020

Namaste friends! We start Monday with a review of the sites that are on the market, but not on my blog, and there are a number of objective reasons for this. I think it's fair if everyone makes a choice on their own, therefore, according to the already established tradition, I offer a mini-review of investment projects in order to take a closer look at one or another.

The market is still boring and passive, although periodically interesting projects appear on it from certain sides. Today I'm talking about 3 investment platforms. I’ll point out right away that they have a fairly loyal start, and the proposed percentage is adequate. But one project compares favorably with such a bright and new legend. Which one - look in the review.

Author: Ganesa

Blog report for the period November 16-22 - oil and military-technical cooperation are becoming more expensive, and mortgages in the Russian Federation are becoming demanded

Namaste, partners, friends, blog readers and everyone who recently joined my team. It's Sunday on the calendar, which means it's time to sum up the working period. Oil is getting more expensive and this is against the background of news from Saudi Arabia. BTC this week literally every day pleased not only with the green direction, but also with the cost.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus crisis has hooked the whole world, one of the most popular services for renting real estate has made huge profits, and in Russia, mortgage lending is not losing, but rather gaining popularity. About what is happening in Turkey and why the next year could be the best in several years?

Author: Ganesa

Chargeback Agent - an overview of the company for the return of money from unscrupulous brokers

Charjback Agent is a company whose efforts are aimed at protecting the financial interests of individuals. The main specialization is the return of money from a broker, and the first procedure in this direction was carried out in 2018. Unfortunately, just the desire to passively receive income, investing for trading on the stock exchange through a broker is not enough to establish a stable income.

Sometimes the intermediary turns out to be an unfair market participant: the money received from you is not credited to the account, does not conduct transactions, or his license to work is completely revoked. It is very difficult to independently get back the invested funds without skills, experience, knowledge of the market, therefore it is more rational to involve specialists in the protection of financial rights.

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